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Sacred Sounds Gong Bath Workshop

Join us for a Vibrational Experience! We will be using Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal bowls as well as voice, flutes and temple bells!

The focus for this event will be finding the peace within. Sound Healing has been proven to have a positive impact on us in many ways. One of the most powerful influences it has on us is the ability to calm our nervous system and release stress from the body, leading us to a deep state of inner peace and awareness. When the body and mind are relaxed we can journey within and healing and release can occur on a deep level. The vibrations from the instruments stimulate our energy centers and the entire body, promoting release and balance of emotions, thought patterns and behaviours as well as creating positive change in our vibratory field.

A Gong Bath is a personal experience, not everyone responds the same way. Some will go deep within and journey, some will release stress and emotions, others may feel physical responses and become very relaxed. Some people have spiritual experiences and deep personal insights. Overall, it’s a positive experience that has many benefits by leading us deep within, experiencing prolonged states of relaxation and entering the lower brain wave states such as Alpha and Theta. When we experience time spent in Theta brainwave state, we are deeply internalized, allowing and encouraging the body to enter a state of homeostasis and promote balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

The layout of a Gong Bath group session is an introduction to sound and explaining how it works, some tips on how to make the experience as deep for you as it can be, and some quiet reflection time at the end of the session. During the session, you can sit, however it is recommended to lay down so bring a yoga mat/blanket and maybe a small pillow if you need one. Most importantly of all, Enjoy the experience!

Tickets are 40$ 
Space is limited so please register in advance

Later Event: March 22
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