We love our beautiful yoga community and the amazing people that fill our space each and everyday! Having a yogi of the month gives us the opportunity to share heart felt stories of real people who have found their mat to better themselves and their surroundings! We applaud you YOGIS!


February - Mary Tozer

"I have been practicing yoga on and off for 8 years, attending a couple of classes a week when time permitted. During the summer of 2017 I was working many hours and couldn’t find the time to include yoga in my day. At the end of September I finished work (finally, retirement), and started looking around at what was being offered for yoga classes on the river. I now had lots of time to fill and my first attraction to The Yoga Block was the variety of yoga classes being offered and the numerous classes scheduled daily. I now try to attend class daily—not always possible but I aim for that.

From the minute I walked in the door at The Yoga Block, Vanessa has been very welcoming. She is an excellent teacher—very positive about everyone’s practice. She is passionate about health, wellness, and yoga.

If you have never attended a yoga class, I would encourage everyone to give it a try. No one should worry about not being able to do the poses. Students in a class are all at different points in their practice, and like most things, with practice you will get better. Everyone is busy trying to complete their own poses and will not be concerned or judge what anyone else in the room is doing.

My favourite part of my yoga classes has been the opportunity to escape the stresses of life and just focus on me. When class is over I feel relaxed and always happy. My mind has cleared. Long-term benefits for me include greater flexibility and strength. My overall wellness has improved. I sleep more soundly.

Yoga has become my gift to me. 😀"


January- Jacob Legere

"After a five year period in Alberta, I found myself starting a job back in Miramichi. Moving from the big to the small and trying to deal with some personal anxiety, I had found my weekday evenings really lacking. Taking a chance one Friday afternoon in December, I stopped by the yoga block interested in a new development on the river. 

I was greeted with kindness, oppeness and even encouragement to try a class that very day. Going in to my very first class I had worries though: Am I in good enough shape? Am I flexible enough? Do I have any idea what I'll be doing? Am I disturbing other people's space? My internal questions were answered quickly: This is my space, I will be taught, I don't need to know, I am in good enough shape and flexible enough to do what I choose to do. Lessons that were not so much spoken, but felt from the outpouring source of self betterment and understanding within the group.

In no time at all I was attending multiple classes a week, learning new and different poses and gaining confidence in old ones. I immeresed myself in the variety of classes they offered: Mala bead chant groups, aromatherapy, yin, restore, flow, core classes, meditation courses. None of it felt overwhelming, but allowed me to introduce myself at my own pace.

After only a month and a half of practicing I find it hard to believe that this hasn't been a routine of mine my entire life. The power of using an hour or two out of your day towards yourself, learning and truly loving positive people is absolutely incredible. I can't wait to learn and be more!"


March- Jennifer Witherell

"Every time I walk through the doors of The Yoga Block, tension & stress just melt away. When you are fortunate enough to discover a place with a welcoming atmosphere like that, you keep returning!
I started my Yoga journey, at home, one year ago this month. It began as continued physiotherapy for ongoing tendon & joint issues, and as a way to relieve anxiety after a heart attack. So I was excited when Vanessa opened the doors to The Yoga Block shortly after that. 
I try to get to the studio at least 5 days a week, if not more, & I find myself practicing at home on those days I can’t make it in. I really enjoy the group dynamic of a class. There is no judgement, only encouragement, to make each class your own.
I have experienced a few physical set backs over the months, but the kindness & empathy that I have felt during these times has really encouraged me on my journey.
I’m excited to continue working towards being “my best self”, body, mind & spirit, and, of course, to remember to just breath 😊"